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The pool cleaning routine should be followed faithfully, preventing dirt from accumulating and
causing inconvenience. A well-kept pool keeps the water healthy with a beautiful view of the
outside area.

Our service of maintenance and cleaning of commercial swimming pools ensures maximum
safety and comfort. We are pleased to serve and offer a unique and exclusive service.

We also offer a service package to facilitate the work of season rental administrators.
We serve our clients accurately and objectively in order to provide a great experience to those
who request us.

Performing pool cleaning is not an easy task, especially if maintenance is not up to date. It is
necessary to use specific equipment and products to obtain a satisfactory result.
We perform our services according to your needs, such as single, emergency or monthly
treatments. Our service is based on dedication and commitment, which strengthens us in this

We recover the blue of the pool, analyze all aspects and adopt the most appropriate and safe

With Acid Wash we get Blue back from the pool.
Whether the pool is looking like a swamp or the intention is just to give it a clean, fresh
appearance, acid wash can help.
Swimming pools need this type of cleaning when algae spread or when the pool has not been
used properly and maintenance has not been performed.

It is important to carefully handle the chemical balance of the pool to avoid the proliferation of
bacteria present in the water. A pool full of untreated water can be a perfect place for diseasecarrying
microorganisms. Water without chemical equilibrium can damage the pool, make the
water cloudy and cause serious damage to health such as irritating skin and eyes.

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